The last week we were working on an interested activity about the UK's debate between the candidates:
David Cameron - Conservatives
Gordon Brown - Labour
Nick clegg - Liberal Democrats
I picked up info about the conservative proposals and I watched the first and second debate on this website.
Also the most recent polling is the next:

I really got fun with the debate we were involved the last friday, I learned more about UK and I practiced my oral skills.

My dream House

Hello I have been practicing on

This lesson was about describing the dream house for some people.

I answered a quizz and here is my result

Thinking about this I think my dream house is big and spacious like Cheryl's house, also it would have a colorfull room and a great garden !
That's all!
See you

How to survive a summer camp?

Hey, I'm applying to work in a summer camp so I was surfing on the net about summer camps and I found this interesting info.

There are 8 steps which help to you to survive in a summer camp:

  1. Before you leave and go to the summer camp, give your adress to your friends so they could be sent to you some letters
  2. Bring with you cool stuff like magazines or cards.
  3. Pack extra flashlight batteries, socks and underwear, and funky items.
  4. Take a disposal camera, then you won't be worry about it.
  5. Don't be shy. Just say hi and introduce yourself.
  6. Pay compliments
  7. Voluntary for everything you can.
  8. Don't panic if you start to feel a homesick, try to keep busy.

Finally, researches had demostrated that go to a camp can boost self-steem, increasing independence and improve social skills.

If you want to watch the video, here is the link

That's all for today.

Listening practice TOEFL

Hello, the last holyweek I had practiced my listening on the TOEFL cd and here are my results:

And also I had been practicing on structucture and grammar:


Hello, this morning I had been practicing my skills to improve my english. I practiced with the CD-ROM and this was the root:

Skill practice > Structure and written expression > Structure > Sentences with one clause (Skills- 1-5)

And finally here are the results:

Darling, you're absolutely imperfect

Hello everybody. There was a homework, I needed to recording a news for practice my pronunciation. I was searching on the net and I found and interesting article tittled "Darling, you're absolutely imperfect" from

The article is written by Jemima Lewis and talk about "Men may seek physical perfection, but women like a few flaws in their men"

Some phrasals that I have learned are:

Broadly speaking
Unkempt stubble
Soppy films
Slightly geeky
By these criteria
Reading glasses
Out of my sight

And finally I recorded my voice but the recording will be send to Seamus' email

English redaction

I needed to write some paragraphs to apply to a summer camp and I'll record a video pretty soon.
This is my redaction:
Hello everybody, My name is Margarita Tobon, I'm nineteen years old almost twenty, I'm from mexico and I'm studing creation and development of enterprises at Tecnologico de Monterrey.
The goal of this video is to let you know a little bit of my life.
About my family. I have two sisters, Guadalupe the younger and Alma, the older, who has a baby, a little boy named Oscar that I really love to spent time with.
My parents are Alma and Antonio. I just can see them on weekends because the university is so far from my hometown, so In Puebla I live with some friends. I consider myself quite responsible because living without your family implies a lot of things to do alone like housekeeping, go to the supermarket, wash your clothes etc. But I think this is good because this help to you to take decisions by yourself and to be independient.
About my degree. I really love my degree because when I'll finish it I'll have my own enterprise and that means to create jobs and by the way to contribute to my country development.
At Tec. In my college I attend 3 special activities that I do, independently of study.
GETEC. Grupo de emprendedores del Tecnológico de Monterrey. This is a scholar group where some entrepreneurs get together and plan, organize and execute interesting projects for all students inside and outside Tec. For example, last semester we organized a lecture series entitled “breaking paradigms” in the society, politics, environment and business in order to open the mind to new ideas and overcome the limits.
Volleyball. I have been practicing volleyball since high school and right now I’m in the university team. I’m the middle back, so my role is to pass and defend the middle and the back of the court.I love this sport because for me, volleyball symbolizes the freedom in movement.
Dance. This semester I took a work-shop, where we learn to dance salsa and cumbia. There are 3 levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced, and I'm in the intermediate.
Finally, I think I'm an adventurous girl who always seeks new challenges and new routes on this journey of life.

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